Photoshop Vs Lightroom

Well you’ve heard what the experts on photography says about Photoshop “This application really do make wonders” this is a true fact as you have notice almost every graphics design was made perfect with the use of Photoshop or should I say with the power of Photoshop. Well Adobe really did a great job on this software and yes indeed it became really useful to the professional one and the NOT so professional.

Lightroom interface

This is the user interface of Adobe Lightroom

Lets face it Photoshop has been around there to help our gentle photographers do their job just to make it perfect. But recently adobe releases their newly updated software The Adobe Lightroom 3. Well as it seems Photoshop has a new contender now and yes Adobe Lightroom is a good editing software especially for those professional photographers it’s because it has the crucial functions needed by most photographers.

Lightroom's Power

Well, even you can see the difference!

Well there is no doubt about it adobe has done another great job this time with their latest editing

software the Adobe Lightroom. And to those people out there who want to learn more about this software you can always visit their official website at Adobe but just to save you some time here is the direct link about Adobe Lightroom 3.


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